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Silk; beautiful, strong, luxurious, exotic, exclusive, feminine. These are some of the attributes that inspire SILK Mentoring. The interactive approach we have developed focuses on personal skills such as Confidence, Authenticity and Boundary-Setting. These skills are tied together by improving ones communication style, language and expression. Combined, they are key to being seen, heard, and understood. These skills are vital to achieving your needs and aspirations, to influencing others and making a difference.

Once you interact beyond boundaries and your pursuits go global, you will need additional professional capacities such as Boundary Setting, Negotiations and Decision Making. Our approach to helping you is intuitive and transformational. You will gain Self-Awareness, the Power of Presence and learn how to Story-tell to really make your ripple count.

We will encourage you to adjust your self-view and view of others, and you will note the effect on how you feel about yourself and how this impacts everyone around you.

Authenticity and Trustworthiness conveys strength, and you will need this to make it in today’s world! While you are carving out your space, we’ll help you ensure you do so without compromising your authentic self!

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Through the Lens of Service to Others

Through the Lens of Service to Others

The idea of offering a “societal contribution” may appear too large when imagined for the first time. Humans are social beings, so we all can give back a little to society, the size of our efforts not withstanding. To manage this intention consciously, you can do the...

The Interconnectedness of Creativity and Wisdom

The Interconnectedness of Creativity and Wisdom

What is the interconnectedness between creativity and wisdom?  Creativity is when an individual uses their imagination to create something that wasn’t there before. Brené Brown talks a lot about creativity. She believes that "unused creativity is not benign. It...

From Our Clients

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“This program encourages you to see things differently. It stimulates you to get out of your shell and to open yourself to possibilities. It shows you that you can make mistakes and you can use your learning from those lapses, to change. Each session opened my mind and motivated me to grow.”

Karin Schuring-van Norden

Business Owner, Drive Vintage, The Netherlands

“Russell is a great coach and mentor. She has an extensive understanding of the content and is very core focused. Besides being a great public speaker, she’s also a wonderful marketer.”

Nehad Sharaf

Vice President, International Newcomers Club, Spain

“I can honestly say that I’ve not experienced group mentoring like this before. Beforehand I really wasn’t sure what outcomes to expect but the learning, content and connections were very impactful. Although some of the discussions were at quite a deep level, they were very powerful in the way they were facilitated and will have a lasting, positive effect with regards my Self-awareness and Nobility towards myself and others. I’d highly recommend this programme, and Russell truly is an inspirational mentor and facilitator with an amazing way of delivering the content!”

Suzanne Murdock

Co-Founder, The Hub Newry, Northern Ireland

“I completed for the 2nd time, the 10-week SILKMentoring Program for Asia Pacific. Russell Zehtab did an amazing job in gathering at least 20 passionate women into a wonderful Sunday afternoon/evening for 10 weeks until June 20, 2021. Though it was my second time in the program, each session felt like it was my first time because of the different perspectives and insights shared by all the participants. Those 10 weeks passed by so swiftly because we had fun even though the topics sounded serious. The grounding brought me into the moment where I could be myself. I also enjoyed all the breakout sessions and activities as they pushed me, in a positive way, to be self-aware, creative… and confident. The program has culminated but SILKMentoring’s Conceptual Framework still lingers. Russell articulated the Framework that is focused on Nobility and Self-Awareness excellently!!! I am claiming NOBILITY to be part of my spiritual lifestyle already. I could never get tired of joining the program as the experience would never be the same. Each day our Nobility is being tested. Each day we negotiate and make decisions. Each day is a new experience. Each day there is a new story to tell. And for every story that we tell, we empower and become empowered. Thank you, Russell for making me a part of this program once again. Count me in if there is another one coming!!!”

Catherine Panilla

Director, Global IT Business Solutions, International Container Terminal Services, Inc., Philippines

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